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For a Reliable and Professional Contractor in Toronto, Call Modular

Toronto offers an overwhelming selection of contractors who all promise to be the best. But when you are looking to get serious work done to your home, it is important to look past all the flash and go with a company that can provide you top quality service at an outstanding price. At Modular, we pride ourselves at providing the best home renovation services available in Toronto and the GTA. We truly believe that our system is superior to that of our competitors and we aim to guarantee complete customer satisfaction.

Our systematic approach to home renovations lets us provide the most accurate estimates and enables us to develop an open dialogue with our customers regarding what results they want and what their budget is. We employ a variety of Toronto contractors who specialize in different aspects of home renovation. This means that Modular is truly a "one stop” spot for all of your renovating needs. From the initial estimate right down to the final finishes, our professional team is there every step of the way to make sure our customers are completely satisfied with their new home.

Once we have completed an estimate and discussed your budget, we will begin our process. We start by coming up with initial drawings so you can get an idea how your new home will look. After needed adjustments have been made, our building contractors set to work on your second storey, new home addition or redesigned floor plan. We remove and dispose of parts of your existing structure that are no longer needed and set to work attaching or restructuring. Once the drywall and framing is set, our contractors will install or reinstall new or old doors and windows and then work on the exterior.

Because our contractors are skilled at a wide variety of services, Modular can offer their customers many choices when it comes to the exterior of your home. We can customize exterior walls and insert roofing and dormers of your choice to give your home ultimate curb appeal.

We also understand that the majority of people have difficulty when it comes to home renovations as they have to call many different companies to get the entire project finished. For example, not only do you need someone to do the actual construction, you need to consider a separate company to do the interior mechanical work such as plumbing, electrical and heating. Modular takes care of these parts of your home renovation. Furthermore, these aspects will all be taken into consideration when you get your initial estimate. This allows you to budget accordingly from the offset. By selecting Modular, you reduce the risk of hidden costs down the line.
Call Modular today to see how our contractors can make your home renovation project as easy and affordable as possible.
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